Instagram Multiple images + Albums in stream

Instagram now allows multiple images in which you can scroll. Can you add this feature.
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  • Please add the ability for Hootsuite to add multiple videos and pictures to a single Instagram post. This is a new updated ability within Instagram. 
  • Agreed! Ability to schedule multiple images for instagram the same way you can with Facebook would work well with new gallery feature!
  • Would definitely be a great bonus to have multiple images - if possible a combination of video and images as part of the upload too? Atm am uploading the first to Hootsuite, then dropping the rest in Google docs. don't do it often so not too bad, but this would be a great help. 
  • Yes! A major benefit of Hootsuite is not having to store Instagram content on a phone. With the new feature, I am back to storing multiple photos on my phone because Hootsuite has not updated to post multiple photos in a single post. Please, please stay up to date! Hootsuite is expensive; If it is not updated with new features it does not offer the benefits that we pay for.
  • I agree! I'm having to switch back to just using Instagram to use their slideshow feature because Hootsuite doesn't allow me to post multiple images. I'm starting to wonder why we should keep paying to use Hootsuite if it's not keeping up with the new technologies.
  • I agree. I would like to be able to use this new IG feature, but it's not convenient if I can't do it from the Hootsuite dash. Are you working on this feature? What is ETA?
  • Yeah this will cut the truble
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