"Total Reach" and "Engagement Rate" in Analytics should be visualized as values too...

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As I'm building my custom reports I realize I'm not able to visualize, "Total Reach" and "Engagement Rate", as values, which is throwing off my whole board! It would be nice to have that option, just like we do with Impressions. Please and thank you  
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  • Agreed. A Facebook total reach per day, per week, per month, per quarter, per year feature is a MUST HAVE. One, to cross reference with Facebook Analytics and have two sources for data.. and Two, to discover long term growth trends which will then allow us to create goals for growth.
  • Hootsuite has the Engagement for Page Posts in the widgets, but it DOES NOT PRINT in the pdf report! 

     it would nice to get back the OLD summary of post data, but with the improved print format of what you SEE on the screen in the new report

    How about the VISUALIZATION of total reaches - so that you would know which post had what reach: Post Date/Detail, Reaches, Engagements...

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