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For a major social scheduling platform, this should be an obvious feature. Even with another desktop program such as Grammarly (that you need to pay for to access premium grammar support) or Apple/Android spell check, spelling and grammar are at the forefront of every digital marketer's needs. The fact it wasn’t initially implemented as part of your platform is puzzling. Even more so, after seeing this feature being requested by users for years… The first thing that pops up in google when searching 'spell check hootsuite' is a feature request from 2013. 2013! Four years later and no progress? The more I look into it, the more I see users asking for this. But when I search for it here there is really nothing. One article about Tweet Check. That's it... It also strikes me as odd when you do a blog post about Nightmares of a Social Media Manager and the first item addressed is spell check - https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-media-nightmares/ 

If you know this is a nightmare for us, why wouldn't you assist in creating a solution within your platform? With the use of #s & @ symbols, WE AS MARKETERS NEED an advanced spell check/grammar in Hootsuite. PLEASE add this feature rather than providing inadequate workarounds.  

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