Update the mobile app so it includes "Drafts"

Update the mobile app so it includes "Drafts"
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This is something we plan to add later this year. Thanks for the suggestion.


  • Seconded 
  • This would make it so much easier to live tweet busy events!
  • Yes please!
  • Please plan to include drafts on the mobile apps. Thanks. 
  • This might be the new Hootsuite Developer Forum, but years ago (2012??) I asked for this option in the Android app (I used to have it in the iPhone app), but I don't see where my request was carried over, and I still miss this functionality.
  • I'm pretty surprised this isn't a feature. Crowdfire has this and it's the most essential part of the entire thing.
  • This is for sure one of the most important features for the mobile app. Support creativity on the go!
  • To work on Drafts on the go was the only reason I downloaded the Hootsuite App for iPhone. :(
  • Looking forward to this - hopefully not too far off?
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