Update the mobile app so it includes "Drafts"

Update the mobile app so it includes "Drafts"
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This is something we're currently considering. Thanks for the suggestion.


  • Seconded 
  • This would make it so much easier to live tweet busy events!
  • Yes please!
  • Please plan to include drafts on the mobile apps. Thanks. 
  • This might be the new Hootsuite Developer Forum, but years ago (2012??) I asked for this option in the Android app (I used to have it in the iPhone app), but I don't see where my request was carried over, and I still miss this functionality.
  • I'm pretty surprised this isn't a feature. Crowdfire has this and it's the most essential part of the entire thing.
  • This is for sure one of the most important features for the mobile app. Support creativity on the go!
  • To work on Drafts on the go was the only reason I downloaded the Hootsuite App for iPhone. :(
  • Looking forward to this - hopefully not too far off?
  • Yes please!
  • AGREED!  Very disappointed it’s not part of the app. Would be a crucial addition ...looking forward to it!
  • Is this coming anytime soon?
  • "This is something we plan to add later this year." - Running out of year! 
  • Would love to see this added! So crucial when I take so many pics on my phone, and want to get them started but not queued yet. PLEASE add this soon - what a great holiday gift that would be!
  • A much needed function. This is one of the gaps. Enabling the drafts function in the app will give Hootsuite a preferred status for loads of live and mobile users.
    Christmas is coming . . . . . 
  • When is it planned for?
  • Is this still happening? Any update on time frame?
  • This needs to be implemented asap. It's the only way I can access hootsuite efficiently, without having to enter a verification code every single time.
  • Please update the mobile apps as soon as possible with the features we've been asking for months! Thanks!
  • I have now run 2 events without this feature, for which it is absolutely critical. The workaround of scheduling the posts at least makes the app usable, but without this feature there is not much value for my purposes.

    Hope to see this change when I next need it in a few months time!
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    The response from Hootsuite was from last year. We are now in 2018. Enabling drafts on mobile would be really good.
  • Regarding the mobile Hootsuite app: is there a way to access drafts? I pre-write social content for many events and would like an easy way to access them (rather than sending myself an email and cutting and pasting). Thanks
  • Hootsuite - come on. Can't access a basic feature on the app? Needs to happen please :)
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