Direct Instagram Publishing without push notifications

Publish/post messages to Instagram via Hootsuite without the need for Push Notifications.
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Instagram direct publishing for business profiles is now available via Hootsuite! Please ensure that you are using the most recent version of the app. You can find steps on enabling direct publishing at



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    Would love to be able to schedule to intagram.
  • I think that Pderosier refers to something like what Onlypult does, not having to open the notification and being able to make the schedule automatic. I would also love to see it
  • I create an Insta post to be published at 7pm. I put my phone on flight mode 6:55pm. I deactive flight mode at 7:05pm. I do NOT get a push up notificfication on my phone. Only when I open the Hootsuite app on the stream tab I see a red icon on the alarm clock.

    I DO get push notifications when I do not put my phone in flight mode.

    iPhone 5s
    iOS 10.1.1
    Hootsuite 3.4.4
  • I do not get the notifications and I never use air plane mode (except when I am rarely in an airplane) and - yes - all of my iOS settings are set to allow alerts. I have to open app and then wait and let it refresh for alert to appear before I can post it, even an hour after scheduled time. 
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    For the love of God, I'm SO sick of having to use the push notifications to post to IG. I have more than 5 IG accounts I post to daily so it doesn't help at all that IG only allows 5 accounts signed in at one time, leaving me to have to scramble to sign in and sign out of accounts.

    If Hootsuite doesn't have the balls to integrate and have their software post directly to IG, I'll just stop paying them and use other companies software like Schedugram who actually have the balls to post directly to IG with no BS excuses. Schedugram is not getting shut down, they're doing more than fine, so why in the world can't Hootsuite do what they're doing too?  
  • I'm a professional photographer who runs a live show on YouTube every week day. I use Hootsuite to communicate with my audience before the show, mostly through twitter. I'm looking to utilize my Instagram for this as well, but scheduling a post to Instagram through Hootsuite isn't as easy as "set it and forget it"…I still have to give it the physical "okay" for it to post. I've resorted to using Grum, as they offer that kind of service, but to be honest I'd rather just pay for one service that does that for ALL social media platforms. 

    I want to be able to schedule something and have it post, (without me having to touch anything), while I'm off taking care of the other items on my to-do list. What would it take for Hootsuite to make scheduling for Instagram as easy as it is for scheduling to Twitter? 
  • Onlypult posts directly to Instagram!
  • I got my Instagram accounts connected but not one post has still uploaded through the Hootsuite app. 
  • Why gwadddddd whhhyyyyyy
  • Automatic posts to instagram without having to be logged in to the specific instagram account and going through the hootsuite app to make a post. This is a hassle and makes it hard to manage a company's instagram account since you have to manually post it through the hootsuite app, and many people are logged into their personal instagram accounts and don't want to have to switch back and forth between accounts when trying to post scheduled social media.
  • Automatic scheduling to Instagram is now available through other applications. Such as Having to manually post to Instagram for several clients, several times a day is absolutely annoying the #$%^ out of me, if this is not something that is coming soon then I for one will be looking to utilise another provider that can offer me this service come renewal time.
  • Hi,

    It's really annoying to schedule a post and then have to open it on your phone when it is ready to post, and more when you have plenty of social media accounts to post, please do something with this trouble.
  • Nothing new here?? Is this seriously developing any time soon?? Automated Instagram should be the number one development on the Hootsuit to do list!! 

    Come on guys, keep up, don't wave some award in my face when I still have to manually share every single Instagram Post for every client, several times a day, every single day!!!

  • Come on guys, how many times do we have to ask for this development, seriously??
    Number one on the to do list for 2017!!!

    I still have to manually share every single Instagram Post for every client, several times a day, every single day! Other platforms now offer this capacity, I suggest you keep up!

  • Instagram's TOS/TOU prohibit what you're asking for, as I understand it. I think all that the other platforms are doing is sending you a reminder to post. 
  • Hello there, 

    I'm having trouble with the Instagram integration portion of Hootsuite. I'm able to recieve the notification that my instagram content is ready to post, but it will not load the image. 

    Is there a fix for this? 
  • Wrong, there are several providers offering automated posts to instagram, however they do not support other networks, only support for instagram.
    Check Schedulegram and Onlypult, two softwares that offer completely automated posts for instagram. I am now using Onlypult in conjunction with Hootsuite, Will not be renewing my Hootsuite subscription without this feature enabled.
  • Hoping one day Hootsuite an Instagram's integration will work better where you do not have to open instagram separately to finalize a post.
  • Ive spent about 3hrs scheduling all my social posts for the next month. For the past 2 days i have been trying to post these shceduled posts to instagram from my phone. When i go to post it, it gives me an error msg (unable to load image). I would be very dissapointed if this was the case with all the posts i scheduled and it would waste much of my precious time. Can someone pls explain what is going on here? The images definitely were all uploaded and i can see them in my publisher on my laptop but not on my phone. I used the new BETA composer which i had not used before so perhaps this is the issue? Anyway would love this solved without me having to do them all again. Frustratin to say the least!

  • Let me delete from the desktop and from the notifications tab in the app bad posts or posts that shouldn't go out. People make mistakes. 
  • Is it possible to Publish/post messages to Instagram via Hootsuite without the need for Push Notifications.
  • Hi- It looks like I'm not the only one frustrated with this.  Instagram is huge in my business. It's taken me days to figure out how to do this.  It took multiple posts before I figured it out.   Even when I did figure it out, it took me twice as long to post.  Isn't Hootsuite supposed to save time for social networks?  It works great with Facebook, but I don't see the point in using hootsuite at all.  I need it for both FB and IG. Hope you can figure something out... trying to be a believer in Hootsuite.   
  • Yes please!
  • Yes please!!  We are forced to consider alternatives to Hootsuite as well given this limitation.
  • I manage 3 social media platforms for 4 different businesses, but often delay or miss Instagram posts completely because the push notifications only work some of the time. I rely heavily on these notifications, as I will sometimes schedule posts during the evening or the weekends when I'm not at work. Please fix this issue! 
  • other systems have the functions to post out instagram posts without using a secondary device, is this something you are working on?  like Twitter and Facebook when you click post it does it automatically but with Instagram you have to wait and connect it to another device. 
  • Didn't know where to post this. Can't seem to find real support on my android. When I schedule Instagram posts the notifications won't load the image. The internet is fine and the pics aren't that large. Can you help me fix it? 
  • Had three posts scheduled this morning; all automatically posted to facebook but none of them posted to instagram; I had to manually upload; please fix ASAP business life is a busy life! TIA
  • Same problem really crap don't know why I'm paying for it really
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