Add a dark theme/UI for the Web Dashboard

I really love the new look & feel of the revamped Hootsuite dashboard. However for my personal taste I would prefer to have the option to switch to a darker theme and not being stuck with just the bright one.
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  • Removing the dark theme was such a bad move. I need it back.
  • Agree. A dark theme is easier on the eyes. 
  • Hi,

    Now that Firefox will be updating to version 57, Stylish will no longer be available to provide users with a dark theme like this one anymore:

    So, now, within the next month, before Firefox completes and releases their update, it will be up to Hootsuite to do the right thing and provide their users with the dark themes they once provided. The incredible brightness of the white screen is very taxing, so instead of making it easier for Hootsuite, Hootsuite must reconsider and make it easier for their users, especially on their eyes.

    Quite a few of the recent changes Hootsuite has made, both on PC and mobile, have gone backwards, and is causing users to seriously reconsider another platform to use. Hootsuite really needs to reconsider, for their users sake, and their own.

  • Having a dark theme is something that most major software's are now offering this and since Hootsuite had this function before, removing it is kind of crazy. Please add it. 
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