re-scheduling past scheduled posts directly from "past scheduled"

It would be great if users could click on a past scheduled post and schedule it for a new posting right from the past scheduled view.
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  • Ability to just copy a message and it's content (e.g. pictures, shortened URL, etc.) and paste it to another date.

    Once it has been pasted to a date, it should act like any other scheduled message (so ability to edit it again).

    Scenario example: If I want to push the same message but on two different dates, I would need to go through and post the message to each channel again (if you have a lot of channels, each requiring a tweaked message, this can take time). If I could just copy and paste, it would save a lot of time. I could then edit the second message's image so it is different.
  • It would be great to recycle old posts e.g. run them again if needed across a social channel of your choice 
  • I agree, i'm kind of surprised that the ability to reschedule a "past scheduled" post hasnt already been added yet, seems like something a lot of people would want
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