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The Compose Message Box spontaneously closes while trying to write a message.  I like the idea of an expandable box - but it is INCREDIBLY frustrating when the box keeps closing to where users have to keep clicking to re-open the box in the middle of composing a message.  Sometimes the box doesn't even re-open and I have to reload the page and start over. Not sure if this is a glitch on just my machine or with Chrome - but it is VERY annoying. Please resolve this.  Maybe have a dedicated entry panel instead of a pop-open box.  I wouldn't mind the decreased screen real estate for better, more reliable functionality. Thank you.
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  • Yeah this is insane UI. It's terrible and I really really hope hootsuite will knock this off. At LEAST give us an option to just leave the box open. All the animation in the compose and in the sidebar is wholly unnecessary, distracting and annoying. (Otherwise, great service ;-) 
  • This has been driving me nuts for so long! Please fix this Hootsuite. You're our only hope. ;)
  • ¡Hola! cuando escribo el texto en la caja, me cambia palabras y utiliza mayúscula para cada palabra. Alguién sabe como evitar esto? graciassss!!!
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