Ability to Post multiple pictures to one post in a FB Group

Right now if you create a post scheduled to publish to a FB Group that contains multiple photos, it creates a separate individual post for each picture. So if there was 3 photos attached, it makes 3 separate posts rather than 1 post with 3 pictures. I'm sure there are many users that would appreciate this function, as I know many businesses are using groups as a way of communicating with customers. Thank you!
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  • I just contacted chat about this functionality today. I definitely need this functionality! I have a VIP group for my customers on Facebook as I find it is the best way to communicate with them. I often need to attach multiple photos to the same (one) post. Not having this functionality is making me reconsider being a Hootsuite customer. Thank you
  • We had the same result, when we tried to publish several pictures in one post on one of our FB Pages... Please make it work like for Twitter posts :smile:
    -> several pictures in one posting
  • Really need this function!
  • Completely agree - it's a pain to schedule a post with more than one image in Facebook. Want to be able to use Hootsuite for everything! Hope this will be fixed soon.
  • Just adding my agreement to all of the above. This really is a basic requirement! How can you have a social media scheduler that doesn't allow you to post more than one image at a time in a single FB post? Like McDonalds cutting beef from the menu...
  • I switched to Publer. They support multi-photo posts for all types of Facebook accounts
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