Enable Accessibility Features!!!

Hi Hootsuite. Twitter allows users to add alternative text to images, so that screen reader users can access the content. Please adapt the usability of Hootsuite to also enable users to add alt text for Twitter! 


  • YES. This. I manage social media for a disability rights organization and I really can't use Hootsuite if I'm not able to caption images in one way or another. If Twitter didn't offer alternative text, that would be an issue for Twitter, but it isn't - and if I'm going to use platforms like Hootsuite, I need to be able to access accessibility features.
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    I too need this feature.   Until it is added, I have to leave twitter out of my Hootsuite posts (unless they're text only) and then post to Twitter separately.  Kinda deafeats the purpose of Hootsuite.  
  • Yes!  Please add Alt Text.  It's important to reach ALL users!  Accessibility is vital.
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