Subtitles on videos on Facebook

 It`s easy to add subtitles to a movie directly on Facebook, but it can`t be done in Hootsuite. Too bad!
We are making a lot of videos, but if we can`t add a subtitle (.srt) in Hootsuite, it`s easier to go back to Facebook scheduling... Any quick fix, please?
We have to put subtitles on our videos, since we`re "talking to" every inhabitant in our municipality. If you have hearing problems, you can still watch the video (read the sub). And if you are a slow reader or blind, you can watch a video instead of reading on our website. That`s why video is so important to us. And subtitles should be used more on everybody`s videos, espesially if your a public site. I`ll schedule our videos on Facebook until you have a solution (but it`s too bad to pay for our Hootsuite-account when it doesn`t give us what we need...)
Regards, Dag Folkestad, communication Manager, Askoy municipality, Norway
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