Image Preview in Publisher list view

I want to be able to see image previews when scrolling through scheduled posts in the publisher on desktop. I can see image previews when scrolling through on the mobile app, but not on desktop.
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  • I'd love to be able to see the images and a preview of what the post will look like as well.  I previously used Sprout Social and their scheduler did a great job of giving you a preview of what your post (and images) would look like. 

    Also - it would be great to be able to put in return (line space) when creating Facebook posts.  I always have to go back to Facebook to adjust the spacing as Hootsuite doesn't allow this.
  • Need this so bad. Have to schedule in desktop - open app on mobile - screenshot - send to myself on desktop - put into a PDF - just to show client a clean preview of what it will look like. 
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