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LinkedIn has recently updated their platform, and they now allow tagging across the board. We are now able to tag other people/companies from a company profile, and vice versa. It would be great if Hootsuite had a feature for tagging in LinkedIn, like with Twitter and Facebook. It is the same tagging process on LinkedIn (@<;type name>).
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  • I agree with the previous poster. Please enable LinkedIn tagging as it is a very important feature for my work
  • I agree also - please add this tagging feature for LinkedIn~
  • Please incorporate LinkedIn Tagging!
  • This is a big hole that needs filling, please add tagging for LI
  • Yes, LinkedIn tagging would be very helpful
  • I confirm. It would be a great new feature to add!
  • Agreed, please add!
  • Yes please!
  • yes PLEASE!!!
  • Yes please, I'd really need to tag LinkedIn profiles in Hootsuite! I cannot use Hootsuite before this is fixed...
  • Yes, LinkedIn tagging would be very helpful
  • This would be very helpful for me! Please add the LinkedIn tagging feature!!!
  • same here, missing this a lot, makes me posting stuff without using hootsuite. my nr. 1 missing feature in hootsuite.
  • Desperately needed!!!!!
  • Agreed!!! Please implement!
  • Please add this feature.  I'm posting manually instead which defeats the purpose of having Hootsuite.
  • This feature is essential for adhering to our community management guidelines, and is preventing us from using Hootsuite in a streamlined way within our team.

    These comments have also been communicated to our Enterprise support contact, who has stated that "[Hootsuite] is working constantly with the different social networks in order to negotiate/change [their] API's terms and conditions."
  • This should be prioritised. Would be useful for someone from Hootsuite to actually updated users within this thread. 
    Vince Howard Social lead KPMG
  • It's hard to believe this isn't an option already... it's possible to tag on the LinkedIn site and for Twitter/Facebook via Hootsuite.  PLEASE implement!!!
  • yes please!!  our posts don't get the reach they should because of Hootsuite's limited functionality
  • edited May 23
    I'm surprised that this is not available yet. I saw people asking for this as far back as 2015 on their discussion board! We're a nonprofit so we depend on Hootsuite's free features to save money so using another platform is generally not an option
  • I cannot believe that this is not available, this is so necessary! Please hurry up and add this function
  • Yes please! This is so important in order to actually be able to schedule posts in advance and not need to jump back on the LinkedIn platform to correct the tagging issue later. 
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