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While working as a communications intern for a nonprofit, we experienced the unfortunate event of our Facebook and Twitter networks disconnecting, or in some removed as if they were never there, causing all of our streams and most importantly our scheduled posts to be deleted. They were unrecoverable, and I had to re-plug in most of them, as I had them stored in a spreadsheet, but I was unable to restore all of them. It was a very frustrating dilemma that took away precious time and work. From now on, I am going to export all the scheduled posts once I input a week's worth, which you can do from the Publisher tab, as whose to say when this might happen again?

To secure yourself, I highly recommend you backup your posts by exporting them. It would also help to have them stored somewhere like an excel spreadsheet prior to plugging them into Hootsuite (makes drafting them easier, by the way). 
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Hi there! You are able to export scheduled messages as a back up. For more info, please see: https://help.hootsuite.com/hc/en-us/articles/218244348-Export-scheduled-or-past-scheduled-messages Paige | Product Liaison

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