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As a non-Enterprise user, I want to be able to approve messages for my other team members
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We are exploring limited Approvals for select non-Enterprise plans.


  • This would be amazing if it were offered at the Pro level (or Free as an add on even).  Many non-for-profits or volunteer based organizations could benefit from this feature and its a shame that they can't take advantage of it due to financial constraints.
  • Agreed! Please let's get this going. Many businesses that use Hootsuite are SMBs (and can't afford the Enterprise pricetag) but could really use this feature!
  • I also agree.
  • I completely agree! Small businesses do need an approval process as well. 
  • Please add approval for a more reasonable fee! I would gladly pay it! We are a small business, we can't spend several thousand dollars a month on SM.
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