LinkedIn tagging in scheduled posts

With the new update of LinkedIn, please can hoostsuite develop the ability to be able to schedule posts with tagged people and companies in it.
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Will Not Implement · Last Updated

At this time, the ability to mention another user or company is not part of LinkedIn's API. Because of this limitation, we are unable to add this feature at this time.


  • Yes, please add this LinkedIn tagging feature, Hootsuite! It should be top of list.
  • Definitely would use this all the time!
    LinkedIn is a terrible platform as it is, so I try to avoid using it where possible - but I would use LinkedIn through hootsuite because it would be a lot more user friendly
  • As LinkedIn are one of the biggest platforms for B2B leads Hootsuite should be providing an update that allows users to use @mentions and tags for LinkedIn via publisher. 
    Not having this option makes posting LinkedIn updates for my company via Hootsuite ineffective. Please consider this update. 
  • I represent a global brand and our most effective social to in terms of B2B is LinkedIn. It really is a step back when I cannot use Hootsuite to schedule posts that @ mention a person or a brand as we engage with influencers and other partners. Adding the option to @ mention via LinkedIn scheduling would be a plus for Hootsuite. If this is not possible, we may have to switch to a different tool that allows us to do so. Thank you!
  • Yes, LinkedIn tagging would be very helpful
  • I'm seriously considering switching tools because you don't support this feature. What's taking so long? 
  • This is a HUGE drawback for me and my company. 
  • Agreed, such a drawback currently!
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