Allow Mobile App to Give Notifications for more than One Login

 As a social media manager, I have several Hootsuite accounts I manage. You currently only allow us to be logged on to one account at a time on the mobile app. So, we only get notifications for that account. If you are not logged into an account, you will not get notifications when it is time to push your Instagram posts. This makes using your service nearly impossible for Instagram. If you were to have multiple Hootsuite logins like they have on Instagram and allow Hootsuite Mobile to then be able to send us notifications for all Hootsuite accounts we manage, we could then use your service for Instagram and not miss any of our notification times due to not being logged on. This would make me such a happy girl! Thanks for considering my suggestion. :) 
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Will Not Implement · Last Updated

This is likely not something we'd implement as our system is designed for you to manage all your social networks in one Hootsuite account instead of having multiple Hootsuite accounts. I'll leave the up here in case you want to add more details or other users want to vote or leave comments. Thanks


  • I completely agree. The pricing and capabilities of the Hootsuite plans do not meet our functionality and having your Instagram notifications deleted because you are not logged in to the proper account is so frustrating. 
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