Bring back absolute timestamps on Mobile!

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The current IOS version no longer shows absolute timestamps. You have to click through to the twitter app for that. So that might actually encourage people just to use that!
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In Settings=>Preferences you can now choose to display Absolute or Relative Timestamps.


  • Totally agree. The relative time stamp is what I hate about the actual twitter app. 
  • In like relative time stamps. This should be a user adjustable setting. 
  • Bring it back!
  • Now there are no time stamps at all in the feed! What's the point?! We should be able to choose between absolute, relative, and none
  • i want to see, in the mobile app stream, how long ago a tweet was posted.  I can see it in desktop, not mobile.  Bring that back.  Seeing only the full date and having to click thru to see the time (which opens up twitter app) is very cumbersome!  I use Hootsuite so I do t have to use twitter.  Bring back the time stamps!!!!
  • I agree. I don't see any benefit for your users from eliminating the time stamp. Perfect example of "When it ain't broke don't fix it." Hootsuite seems less responsive to its customers than it should be. When I'm looking for latest news I want to see what came in the last hour, not the whole day. Now I can't tell. While I may use Hootsuite for scheduling I'm back to the Twitter app otherwise. 
  • Not sure what is the reason for this. But if I was the product manager, this is blasphemy. Just cannot imaging someone could tinker with this
  • Bring these back!!  Very annoying to have to click thru to twitter to see the time.  I want to see this in my stream.  Its ridiculous to take a step back in a release tha step forward!!!
  • Do I have to go back to using twitter?  Whole point of using hootsuite is so I don't have to use twitter.  Twitter has the time stamps still.
  • Such a dumb change to remove the time stamp.  All I have now to see on your mobile app is the date.  Who thought this was a good change to make?  #fail
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