Option to remove handles when mentioned

Now that @ replies have changed, if you're in a twitter conversation with multiple people, there's no way to remove one of them when you reply. 
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  • When replying to a tweet with multiple twitter handles from our support handle, please allow us the ability to remove our personal twitter handle from the list of users.
  • I can't believe they have rolled out this ridiculous change. It's making social media monitoring very difficult for my company.
  • its absolutely ludicrous isn't it. This is the second time Hootsuite has done something like this. Might be time to start looking for a new solution.
  • Same here - Most of the time we do NOT wish to reply to EVERYONE included in a tweet, and now we cannot remove the irrelevant handles. This exposes us to our account being frozen, because Twitter does not like multiple tweets to multiple twitter handles, especially if all of the recipients do not engage in return. That will get your account frozen. Terrible update.
  • This is such an important feature for me. I need to be able to delete other handles when tweeting, to avoid creating big problems. We have many people who monitor the feed so can't just create new tweets, as how would be follow and monitor who replied to what. Please include a fix for this ASAP as I see Twitter have made it possible to delete users from replies.
  • Any handle, please, not only our own. This is most annoying. 
  • We are in need also to avoid this mess. Please solve this asap to help us working
  • OMG
    Please solve this...
  • This really, really, really needs to be changed! You should be able to reply to the original post or to the group. At least put the handles in the reply tweet so we can delete the ones we don't want.
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    So, they eventually fixed the issue and now you can un-select a mentioned user if you don't want to reply to them as well.
    I just saw it, maybe they did this earlier.
    So now you don't have to manually write the usernames and also have them wonder which of their tweets you're referring to (if someone tweets a lot), because you'd just mention them and write a new tweet, not REPLY to their original tweet...
    BUT, I still find one thing annoying, it still opens up as a separate pop-up when you reply to a tweet, unlike when you compose a tweet normally at the top of the page. It would be nice if this went back to the way it was before...
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