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New pop-up reply window eliminates the ability to schedule a tweet reply to create chained tweets. Please add scheduling to the pop-up reply window or return it to the old reply format in the usual text field.
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Thanks for your feedback!

We recently removed the ability to schedule replies because this functionality was getting low usage. Please continue to share your comments and vote on this idea if this is important to you!

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  • RobRob
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    Would like to be able to schedule replies. 

    [Original message below]
    Several things are messed up on this mobile version.

    1 Can't schedule replies.  Why not?
    2 won't auto fill Twitter handles. No one I follow shows up in the auto fill, once it finally starts to fill-in.
    3   Is there a section for saving drafts? I can't find it. 
  •  Oh, and dictation is messed up. Repeats whole sentences, chops off punctuation. Looks like apostrophes might be the culprit   
  • Love the schedule replies part! Could definitely use that in the app!
  • Agreed! Already looking for a different social media manager. This is not a good update.
  • Same. Already looking for a new tool. Bring back the ability to schedule out replies.
  • Totally agree. If thats not a possibility in the next few days I'll have to look for other tool for all my clients. Big mistake.
  • The new reply box is the worst. It locks you out of the rest of your Hootsuite window and doesn't have any of the compose tools like link shorten. Really bad.
  • +1 to all of the above. Sorry Hootsuite, but this "update" makes no sense from ui perspective. :(
  • Critical for spacecraft...
  • Please let me schedule replies! Thanks :)
  • Please and thank you! Scheduling chained tweet replies is a big part of my job.
  • Agree, please add. Scheduling replies is really basic and important. I went into to do it and couldn't believe it wasn't possible. Then found the explanation of Twitter updates. Please find a way to restore this feature.
  • Please add the possibility of scheduling the replies. It is very useful for me. I use Hootsuite daily and really this change was not for good. Otherwise I am happy with the service. Thank you very much

  • Agree w/all the above..I know it was a Twitter update, but..
    1. Scheduling replies is essential in threads.
    Honestly, I just schedule EVERYTHING, & if I want to send right away, I then do that, but sometimes leaving it to out later is better timing.

    2. Also, w/the new Twitter update(s), names of @ replies/ @ mentions are included, but you NEED to be able to remove someone, if you don't want to continue to include everyone that was originally tagged, or added in by someone else!

    3.'s a dbl whammy. I now have to go over to Twitter web page, to reply & remove ppl, & I definitely am unable to schedule a reply in Twitter..& those functions in combo, are why I use Hootsuite...for personal & business..

    4. (& I'm about to be upgrading to a business level version this summer/fall for my businesses..BUT..I've really waiting to see if Hootsuite is responsive, as so far, that used to be the case - as I've been a user since ~2009 - but y'all have lost that responsiveness/CS & dealing w/issues & connection to your customers @ the ground level..) Find it again, or you'll lose the folks that started w/you from the VERY beginning, have stuck thru EVERY update, shitty & good. Reward those ppl for their loyalty, by listening & taking action!
  • For those of you waiting for a fix or looking for a new tool to schedule Twitter replies, a possibly helpful tip: If you happen to have a Hootsuite window open that hasn't been refreshed since the update went live, you'll still be able to access the old reply box to schedule replies. Unlikely, but it's something. Hopefully Hootsuite will have a fix soon, otherwise I'll be switching to a different tool that allows scheduled replies.
  • It would be wonderful to regain this ability!

    One of the things I used to find most useful about hootsuite was the ability to pre-schedule replies. I used this feature because my department has a policy about communicating within 24 hours but only during the hours of 7am-8:30 pm. I would also use this feature to follow up with our clients a week later in order to make sure that they have had an improved experience. Hootsuite updated recently and I have lost the ability to preschedule a reply.

    Now the only things I can preschedule are new tweets. This does not allow us to build upon an existing conversation and makes it difficult to track if our customers are being well served.

  •  I totally agree with MetroVancouver. I don't see any benefit in the reply box. Please improve it or go back to the old solution. #fail
  • I totally agree. I love Hootsuite but I don't like this change that not allow us to schedule replies. It was very useful to me. Please put it back
  • I agree! Please, bring back feature soon. It was very useful to schedule replies. Looking for another tool.

    Please, bring it back. 

  • Bumping this post since no action has been taken in over 2 months. I would love to come back to Hootsuite for scheduling posts if the ability to schedule replies returns, but in the meantime I'll stick with TweetDeck.
  • Adding my vote to this. Really frustrating not to be able to schedule linked tweets.
  • I consider that it is very useful the chance to schedule replies but now if I want to do it I have to use another application. I want use Hootsuite for all. Please bring back feature soon. Thank you

  • I'd like to be able to schedule replies to tweets I've scheduled, in order to create a thread. Also, would be nice to be able to schedule tweets 1 minute apart, so that they are posted in a clear order.
  • This would be a really great feature, especially since Tweet threads are now such a big thing.
  • tweet threads are a big thing now. This needs to happen, folks!
  • Bumping this post yet again since it's been ignored for 9 months. I'd still love this feature to return.
  • i'm going to switch to another tweet scheduler if this feature isn't added back in soon. i tweet out a science communication game every weds and it would infinitely easier if i could schedule threaded tweets...not sure why this was removed
  • I would like to be able to schedule replies that can be part of the chain of replies. It is really important on Twitter to be in those conversations. It is disappointing to know the feature existed and was removed. I hope you bring it back.
  • Now it's so easy to thread Tweets in the Twitter app, I find it hard to believe that this function hasn't been considered for transferring over to Hootsuite. It would be so useful for people to be able to schedule their threads in advance and make it easier for users.
  • Would use this feature multiple times daily. Please bring it back!!
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