Cannot see Conversation History (Grey Overlay)

The new reply systems involves a centred dialogue with a white overlay of the entire browser page. The overlay obscures all the tweets and posts so you cannot refer to them whilst composing the reply. Also the reply box does not do user identifier lookup after a @ symbol. Whatever was wrong with the old system, this new system is dire. Sufficiently so that I cannot use it, but have to go to another UI for Twitter to do replies.
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We've updated the new reply window so it now includes "Show Conversation History" Hope this helps!

Paige @Hootsuite_Help -


  • Absolutely agree. New reply window is just terrible.

    I really don't appreciate being locked out of the rest of my Hootsuite window when writing a reply. The compose tools are missing (schedule, link shorten, etc). And replies don't show up in the stream as before (so other team members can see who replied). What was wrong with having replies done in the "Compose Message..." box? Please fix.

  • Totally agree with @MetroVancouver - the new overlay is missing a lot of the features that were previously available and make replying much harder than before particularly if you want to add URL's. Please add these features or revert back to the Compose Message box.
  • And after having replied you have to refresh the whole page because otherwise the stream refresh hangs forever.
  • Why cover the whole page with this dialogue? Who thought this would be good UX. If we are no longer permitted to use the perfectly good creation area for replies just put up a dialogue are not covering the whole browser. 
  • Sadly this is all just venting, nothing is ever going to happen about this. :-(
  • And the "Already offered" makes it look like this problem has been resolved, when it hasn't. Yes a tiny subset of all the problems has been addressed, which has to be good, but there is still so much to do to approach anything like good UX, and yet people looking at the index will this this is a done thing.
  • Whatever was wrong with the old system, this new system is dire.
    I fully agree with russel_winder
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