BETA bulk composer - allow social network editing during upload

It would be really useful to allow the option to edit which social network to post to during the bulk upload. At present, your support guidance states:

"To edit the social networks the message is being published to, or the links included in the message, edit the message in the Publisher section after the message is scheduled"

It would be an improvement to the UK as well as efficiency if we could pick and choose the social networks during the bulk upload. At the moment, selecting multiple networks at the first stage of the process forces the message to all accounts selected. 

This would be a welcome improvement, alongside the other suggestion on this board of giving users the option to select different vanity URLs in the bulk upload process.
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  • I agree. This would be the most useful update you could make for the bulk composer. Get on it please.
  • Agree! It would be so helpful to be able to make these edits in the bulk uploader section!!!
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