Tagging Twitter photos

Twitter now allows you to tag people in photos without impacting on your 140 characters (https://blog.twitter.com/2014/photos-just-got-more-social).
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    Since Twitter allows users to tag other @users in the pictures they publish, it would be awesome if this featured could be integrated to Hootsuite and Hootsuite extensions. 

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  • this would be a very useful feature - I need to tag people in twitter images, including scheduled image tweets
  • I very much would love to see this feature.... pretty please?!?!
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  • Yes - please enable for Hootsuite Pro: tags that don't use up my character count

  • Implement Twitter’s “Who’s in this photo?” feature—a necessity for giving credit where due and alerting involved users.
  • This feature would provide huge benefits for small businesses using Hootsuite, wanting to improve their tweet engagement
  • The ability to schedule tweets, whilst being able to tag up to 10 accounts in a photo would be incredibly valuable to small businesses looking to improve their tweet engagement. 
  • This feature is absolutely essential for us - many people involved in theatre events that need to be tagged! Please implement ASAP.
  • I post exclusively in the Twitter app now, because Hootsuite lacks this feature. Doing so takes significantly more time and greatly reduces the usefulness of Hootsuite to my organization overall. Please add this feature ASAP!
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