Colour-code Messages by Social Network in Hootsuite Publisher

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This would make content planning easier!
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  • I would also like this feature.  The ability to quickly see which posts are going where is incredibly useful.
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    Also allowing custom colour codes. I manage 3 different brands across 3 networks. It would make it visually easier to scan through the calendar and spread content management evenly across the 3.
  • Colour coding of the different networks in the calendar view is essential in my view. So we can see what's scheduled on twitter, what's scheduled on facebook, what's scheduled on insta etc. currently difficult to see whats what!
  • Color coding by the social network in calendar view would be of great help.  I have found a few topics on it but nothing has been changed.  Anyone know of any change in the works?
  • This feature would save me a lot of time and help me explain my social media plans to management.
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    It would be very helpful to color-code accounts or display the profile picture (like it does in List view) in publisher so that when I'm scheduling posts for 15 different accounts, I can tell the difference between posts for each account in the Month Calendar view. As it stands now, when viewing scheduled posts in the Month view, each posts shows up as blue no matter which account it's for. We have multiple companies with multiple social media channels, and it would be great to at least color-code it by company to gauge it I need to schedule more posts for that company, that account, for that week/month.
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  • Still under consideration? 
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  • I've just started playing with scheduled posts, and sometimes i lose track of which day I've set a scheduled post. Adding a colour behind a date that has a scheduled post would be a simple reminder of where there is already a scheduled event. 
  • I think it will be a bad design issue with too many social accounts to manage (I manage 8 i.e.). I suggest a simple filter for social media (multiple social selectable!)
  • very good idea
  • this is the only thing missing! it would make planning multiple accounts and platforms so much easier! 
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