Autoscheduling Future Posts

It would be nice to be able to set posts for future dates with the auto scheduling on so that I can plan out all my posts for the week and be sure they all go out at optimal times each day! =) TIA
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  • YES! I want to be able to set the date and let hootsuite optimize the schedule for what time on that day.
  • It would be nice! Also if they could let you choose different daily post counts for different platforms, for example. If I'd like to post 4 times a day for Facebook, 3 times per day for Twitter and 1 time per day for Google + and Linked in.... I'm having to set my auto scheduler (autoscheduler) to 2 times per day for all networks then manually going in to add the extra Facebook and Twitter post. While also over posting to networks that don't need the high amount of activity for our industry.

  • I agree! This is also something I would like to see. The point of having Hootsuite for us is to better use our time. Posting each day on the day to use the Autosched is just not efficient for everyone from a UX point of view. If we have to manually schedule our week out posts, we are missing the peak time to post!

    This would also be great to see on sharing posts. I think we all want our posts to always be at peak times unless the time we post is significant (For example New Year's right at midnight)
  • Agreed! Whereas it seems that such feature was not planned in April 2017, is it something that Hootsuite would look into?

    If you know you have 5 posts for a week (for example) and you know the order in which you'd like to post them, surely there must be a way to make the most of the auto schedule feature. 

    Obviously, one can schedule the posts and change the settings to auto schedule on the day, but that's a bit tedious and surely could be avoided.
  • My autopost will not post. I keep receiving a message saying that I am not connected and to check my connection. My device is connected to my wifi. I have uninstalled hootsuite and reinstalled it. I have signed out of Facebook and signed back in. I am having the same problem.
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