Add an option to disable shift+enter to publish

Shift+Enter to auto publish is a *shortcut*, not a necessary feature. Most people don't even know it exists until they accidentally press it and blast out a half-finished message to thousands of people.
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We are reviewing the current experience in the Compose Message Box and are considering hot keys in future updates!



  • When typing in a post, in most social accounts, you can hit [Enter] or [Shift+Enter] to put a new line character into your post, on the dashboard, it just automatically posts. I can't find any way to put a new line character in a post without accidentally sending it. This is important as I put them in almost every post.
  • Why not just hit [Enter]?
  • I made an account solely to comment that I agree 100% with OP here! And to say that the knuckles in my hands can't take many more "GOD DAMNIT" impacts with my desk after accidentally publishing half-finished messages to thousands of followers.

    Being serious, though, it'd be cool to make this optional. Facebook and most other platforms I've encountered use Shift + Enter to make a line break. It's a difficult habit to break...
  • This particular feature of Hootsuite is the one that drives me insane, and I scream NOOO out loud on a regular basis. I post a lot on other social media platforms, and the standard in those platforms is to use SHIFT-RETURN to create a line break, and RETURN to send. Hootsuite does it in the reverse, which means my little brain has to struggle to do the opposite of every other application I use. PLEASE go with the standard: SHIFT-RETURN means a line break, not SEND NOW!
  • +1 For this suggestion.

    Shift+Enter is standard for line break.
  • BUMP TO THIS this because I still get mad almost daily about it. The current function goes against every other platform I've ever used. I hope you will please consider allowing us to disable it — or better yet changing the "auto-post" function to something else like Ctrl+Enter or Ctrl+Shift+Enter, because at least that wouldn't overlap with the standard line break command in literally all major social media platforms.

    I've tried and tried to retrain myself — and sometimes I succeed for a few days or even weeks — but it's muscle memory and inevitably I do and always will slip up. Because Shift+Enter is the standard command for a line break, plain and simple.
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    Dear developers, this is so annoying ... you have to know how much times you have to get back accidental posts ... SHIFT+ENTER is everywhere in every app a LINE break. Please gives your users a break ;-) and a product with the right UI. This is driving users CRAZY!! Thanks ... and we have a lot of users in the company that use Hootsuite without instruction, that start ... that's what you want too (new users) ... but they want a product that behaves like you think is SHOULD behave. Thanks again. This is the biggest fault in your product!! And no hotkeys, it is NOT the right design!!
  • This has been an issue for a while now  please remove the keyboard shortcut as it makes your product really difficult to adapt to and infuriating when it doesn't do what almost every other application does. Thanks! 
  • Yes, please change this. It's so natural to press b/c I'm used to it being a soft return in FB, Word, etc.
  • I completely agree. I've used SHIFT+ENTER as a row break in every single application for decades - it's the safe way to make a row-break to ensure you don't accidentally send something somewhere. 

    Of course, Hootsuite has to work the other way around. Why is that? If you want a keyboard shortcut to send messages, pick one that doesn't have another established use.

    Shift+Enter makes me curse excessively several times every day as I have to pull up all the social media channels one by one and delete the post that shouldn't have gone out in the first place. And that kind of makes Hootsuite moot.
  • OMG, It's driving me crazy... We use SLACK all day long, and I'm trained to use Shift return for a line break.  Problem is I CANNOT REMOVE FACEBOOK accidental posts. And it's the middle of the night for people who can. Will look for something else. 
    I even told myself today - Okay, now DON'T shift return... and I copy pasted in my post. But then off it went, posting at a stupid time.  PLEASE let me disable or change shift return. 
  • we need that graphic from "officespace" of the office mgr holding the cofee cup asking for this ! lol or a warning
  • This is a legitimately shit design flaw in an otherwise very nice program. I complained about a year ago about it on these forums and I saw several other posts making the same argument -- still no changes.

    Shift+Enter is universally a line break function EXCEPT IN YOUR PROGRAM, where Shift+Enter auto-sends your unfinished message to potentially MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. This is a horrible design flaw and seems to me like it shouldn't take a year to address the concerns of your paying customers.

    I use your program for work. Beyond this one issue, Hootsuite works great — but I don't give a damn, I need to find a new job because this shit is making me cray.
  • I second this as a significant issue! 
    Developers, you HAVE to know that "Shift+Enter" is an essential command in Facebook for commenting and Messenger.  It becomes a natural keystroke for many of us. So when something is accidentally launched as a "Send Now" because of this natural keystroke either on Hootsuite or Hootlet - WAY too often I have to go into Facebook (page & wall), twitter, and Instagram to delete all the posts & start over. 
  • yes - BUMP this as a HIGH DEMAND FIX to an otherwise phenomenal tool.

    "Shift+Enter" is a natural keystroke on Facebook in commenting & Messenger and seeps into things I type elsewhere. (I've even done it here in this forum just now! only here it works like it does everywhere else in my life.) 

    To have to run around and delete unfinished posts, or posts I wanted to AutoSchedule defeats the timesaving element of Hootsuite.
  • Any news for that option?
  • I third this. Shift + enter is also the only way to make breaks in paragraphs on LinkedIn messenging. I keep accidentally posting immediately to my clients' pages, which is SUPER unprofessional, out of habit from every other platform I use. Please change this or make it a requirement to schedule out the post date first. This is the #1 reason why I am tempted to switch to Buffer instead.
  • I am BUMPING THIS and also commented on the other thread about this same issue. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this. This is my #1 reason for considering switching to Buffer instead of Hootsuite.
  • HOW DARE you keep this feature up! I just blasted out my post five times! It makes Hootsuite completely unusable. And you haven't take it off or found a to disable it? Hootsuite just went from five stars to zero. THIS IS A CRITICAL BUG. REMOVE THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL! SHIFT+ENTER ALWAYS CREATES A NEW LINE, AND AUTO-PUBLISH IS ALWAYS AN OPTION NOT A FEATURE. FIX. THIS. NOW!!!!!!!!
  • There is no way to format the post by giving it a line break. This is insane. If I press enter accidentally, with NO social network selected, Hootsuite just eats the post. I spent an hour trying to post something that should have taken five minutes, and I still can't format it properly. Where did your UX experts go to school? A vacuum? I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW, YOU JUST MADE US LOOK SO UNPROFESSIONAL. I AM ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED AT YOUR UNPROFESSIONALISM.
  • Don't wait for an update. Now. Now. Now.
  • Literally after over an hour I realized I am completely unable to use your tool to post to Facebook. It is completely unusable. I cannot format the posts. This is just abhorrent, I can't schedule for Facebook with your tool. I cannot believe you would allow this to go on for so long. You've completely broken your product.
  • Couldn't agree more that this behavior needs changing.  Why go against the defacto standards of the internet?
  • Please keep us posted as soon as possible. Don't keep us waiting for that updated we've been asking for months!

    3rd accidental tweet sent this WEEK because of this I am going mad with this fucking feature

    As other said it is a STANDARD in other social networks to NOT SEND message WITH THIS EXACT shortcut so PLEASE, PLEASE DEVS just add an option to disable this shortcut !

  • Can you please remove this shortcut? I've accidentally sent Tweets out so many times because of it. Or just add an option to be able to disable it permanently in your account and NOT JUST ON THE PREMIUM ACCOUNTS, ON ALL OF THEM. PLEASE GOD.
  • Even Facebook has an option to enable or disable enter for send - and Ctrl+enter or Shift+enter is not a send shortcut in ANY of the apps. I've made several accidental posts already, and this can be very damaging to a brand. You should at least implement an option to confirm before publishing a post. Your users have been asking for this for ages and you've still not acted on it. You have tonnes of paid users and cannot hire a developer to look into this? 
  • Seriously.. please !!
  • Agreed! Or at the very least have a pop-up "Are you sure you want to publish this now?" (because every time I don't!)
  • Super-annoyed. How is it that this has not been addressed? Is there anybody out there reading all these comments? Its been unaddressed for years now. WTH?
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