Add an option to disable shift+enter to publish

Shift+Enter to auto publish is a *shortcut*, not a necessary feature. Most people don't even know it exists until they accidentally press it and blast out a half-finished message to thousands of people.
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We are reviewing the current experience in the Compose Message Box and are considering hot keys in future updates!


  • When typing in a post, in most social accounts, you can hit [Enter] or [Shift+Enter] to put a new line character into your post, on the dashboard, it just automatically posts. I can't find any way to put a new line character in a post without accidentally sending it. This is important as I put them in almost every post.
  • Why not just hit [Enter]?
  • I made an account solely to comment that I agree 100% with OP here! And to say that the knuckles in my hands can't take many more "GOD DAMNIT" impacts with my desk after accidentally publishing half-finished messages to thousands of followers.

    Being serious, though, it'd be cool to make this optional. Facebook and most other platforms I've encountered use Shift + Enter to make a line break. It's a difficult habit to break...
  • This particular feature of Hootsuite is the one that drives me insane, and I scream NOOO out loud on a regular basis. I post a lot on other social media platforms, and the standard in those platforms is to use SHIFT-RETURN to create a line break, and RETURN to send. Hootsuite does it in the reverse, which means my little brain has to struggle to do the opposite of every other application I use. PLEASE go with the standard: SHIFT-RETURN means a line break, not SEND NOW!
  • +1 For this suggestion.

    Shift+Enter is standard for line break.
  • BUMP TO THIS this because I still get mad almost daily about it. The current function goes against every other platform I've ever used. I hope you will please consider allowing us to disable it — or better yet changing the "auto-post" function to something else like Ctrl+Enter or Ctrl+Shift+Enter, because at least that wouldn't overlap with the standard line break command in literally all major social media platforms.

    I've tried and tried to retrain myself — and sometimes I succeed for a few days or even weeks — but it's muscle memory and inevitably I do and always will slip up. Because Shift+Enter is the standard command for a line break, plain and simple.
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    Dear developers, this is so annoying ... you have to know how much times you have to get back accidental posts ... SHIFT+ENTER is everywhere in every app a LINE break. Please gives your users a break ;-) and a product with the right UI. This is driving users CRAZY!! Thanks ... and we have a lot of users in the company that use Hootsuite without instruction, that start ... that's what you want too (new users) ... but they want a product that behaves like you think is SHOULD behave. Thanks again. This is the biggest fault in your product!! And no hotkeys, it is NOT the right design!!
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