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Hi, I follow several business and media pages on Facebook, like I do on Twitter. Hootsuite is very useful in order to manage the information in Twitter, but not in Facebook. I wanted to make columns with my timeline, and specifically with the lists of pages I have, but it doesn't seem possible. I can only follow pages one by one, and that is not useful.
Is that something you can improve?
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  • I was searching for this feature myself yesterday. I think there are 2 options for implementing it:
    1. Make use of facebook lists. Lists are originally for sorting friends, but it is also possible to add pages to lists. So one way is to create a list in facebook and then implement this list in a column in Hootsuite
    2. Make it possible to show multiple pages in 1 column in Hootsuite. At the moment it is only possible to select only one page per column.
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