Allow AutoSchedule when bulk scheduling posts

I want to be able to use AutoSchedule when uploading content in bulk
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  • Use Publer. It lets you AutoSchedule in Bulk:
  • I completely agree - just upgraded for this feature, but having to specify the time is going to take longer than just going one by one and pasting these the normal way. Downgrading my account now.
  • The autoscheduler and the bulk uploader are two of the most powerful features. They need to be combined to harness the power of the other for an uber-efficient autoscheduling publisher. This would save me SO much time in autoscheduling. 
  • This would be very helpful. Please let us know when this is planned to be released.
  • Yes, this would be a good idea indeed
  • I am really surprised this has not received more support or is even planned. This would be a tremendous advantage that would harness the power of two useful features to make them even more powerful. With all the negative changes Hootsuite has been making over the last few years, they REALLY need to step up their game on the pay version, and I believe that this would be one fantastic way to do that. 
  • This doesn't seem like it would be too hard to accomplish. Simply add logic to check for the string "Auto" in the first field of the CSV record, and if it finds it, then send the record to the AutoScheduler to be scheduled according to the current AutoScheduler settings. This seems like a little effort for a great advantage. 
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