Billing Issues

Customers should be able to control their account and billing. Having a free trial, that you cannot cancel is really bad business. 

I created a free account to test this software for a real-estate office. Over 90 agents, might be using this software. But there is no options for me to downgrade/cancel my account. or to switch it back to free. 

I contact help, they walk me through all sorts of steps. In order to switch back to "free" you have to first manually delete and remove all the "professional" features. Which is fine, but...this should be more intuitive. It should tell me without me having to contact help.

There is currently a "temporary" issue where users can't delete organizations. What this means is I, as an account holder, have no control over my billing plan because I cannot meet their requirements to downgrade.

Essentially, the website has trapped me into having to pay for another month because of their issues. Really bad business, and definitely doesn't make me want to recommend this to my 90 agents to use, will be looking into other software.
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  • That's a serious issue but there was no reply. Is this forum just a talking shop?
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