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I think it would be a great feature to have alerts informing me that someone has contacted me in the messenger stream. Having that type of real time information would assist in making or breaking a sale. I would love to be alerted on my desktop and via the mobile app that someone has sent me a message. Preferences for comment alerts, DM alerts would also be appreciated so that I can respond to clients and potential customers as these messages come in.
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  • Agreed. The platform is hard enough to look at. The lack of some kind of visual cue that a new comment has been posted is kind of disturbing. I can't even tell what comments have been replied to if they weren't replied to through Hootsuite.

    Also, why can't I grab and move my streams to reorder them?
  • Thanks Kyle. A simple text alert would be a brilliant an efficient way to solve this. Perhaps a widget that I could launch on my desk top to know that I have a new message or a key influencer has commented or shared a post. Hootsuite has a few options for this and I think every user would love to have this real time information at the ready even when they don't have the platform open. 
  • Kyle would you mind giving this idea your vote. 
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