Customize the Autoscheduler for each social media

I'd like to be able to set the autoscheduler separately for each social profile.

It makes no sense to have the same frequency of posting on say Twitter (where I'd like to post at least 6 times a day) and on a LinkedIn page (where I only want to post once a day) - or the same times, as the optimal time is bound to be different between social media networks.

I'd like to be able to set how often per day posts go to each individual profile

And I'd like to be able to set the timings of those posts for each individual profile.

You probably hate hearing this, but having a feature like this that works more like Buffer would be great.


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  • yes please!
  • YES! and also be able to change optimal timings by day - as Sunday is not the same as weekdays for most audiences
  • And maybe even go as far to set specific times that you would like posts to go out at. So they can auto populate into the time slots that you have found to be most effective.
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