Customize the Autoscheduler for each social media

I'd like to be able to set the autoscheduler separately for each social profile.

It makes no sense to have the same frequency of posting on say Twitter (where I'd like to post at least 6 times a day) and on a LinkedIn page (where I only want to post once a day) - or the same times, as the optimal time is bound to be different between social media networks.

I'd like to be able to set how often per day posts go to each individual profile

And I'd like to be able to set the timings of those posts for each individual profile.

You probably hate hearing this, but having a feature like this that works more like Buffer would be great.


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  • yes please!
  • YES! and also be able to change optimal timings by day - as Sunday is not the same as weekdays for most audiences
  • And maybe even go as far to set specific times that you would like posts to go out at. So they can auto populate into the time slots that you have found to be most effective.
  • YES! This drives me crazy! I need to post 3 times a day for Facebook but only 1 time per day for Linked in or it's too much for our linked in followers. This needs to be customized for each platform PLEASE! and ASAP! This is causing problems. After 4-5 years of using Hootsuite, I may be leaving to another SMM as it seems to just have less and less customization and functional features as their competition has now. SO please fix hootsuite, we don't want to switch SMMs. ~ Mandi
  • Publer's AutoScheduler is per social account. The only downside is that Publer only supports Facebook Profiles, Groups, Pages & Events
  • I would like to be able to have different time zones for each one too. I manage global PR for one new startup and would like to have posts appear outside my "work zone" for these.
  • I realize when you're using auto-schedule, you can set a maximum amount of posts to get built into your cue for dripping out over a day. What I'd also like to be able to set is a daily maximum post limit for each social account.

    So for example....

    If I had a Twitter account I could say I want the maximum number of posts to show-up on that Twitter account to be 8 in a single day.

    In the morning I may go out and manually tweet twice on the account. I could then work on loading a series of updates to go out throughout the day through auto-scheduling.

    Let's say I loaded a remaining 8 posts through the auto-schedule feature. It would trickly out 6 more posts for that day (because I already had tweeted twice manually).

    Let's then also say that after having scheduled those 6 posts, I needed to go back out and have another manual status update to that Twitter account. Then the system would know that it only needs to publish one less auto-scheduled update, and let the remainders fall over into the following day's auto-schedule queue.
  • This is critical!  Will help save hours of time working with different posting schedules.  
  • I also AGREE! We must be able to customize auto-scheduler times period. Thanks!
  • Yes please!  I'm running several campaigns from my Hootsuite account and each one has different needs.  Please add this ASAP!
  • This is such a necessity. I post 1x / day on FB, 5x / day on Twitter, and 1x / day on IG. It's pointless for me to try to schedule more than my Twitter in Hootsuite because I run out of content too quickly. 
  • I agree, and have requested this same thing repeatedly. Hootsuite touts itself as social media management software, but the way autoscheduling is currently set up, it's far from optimized for true management. Sure, you can manually schedule everything separately, but that kinda defeats the purpose of having an auto schedule.
  • I totally agree. I would also like to be able to set the autoscheduler separately for different social profiles. In addition, it would be helpful when you are able to set a different amount of posts per message or set different days. Sometimes, you want your message only be post on one specific day (for example a post on World Cancer Day). And in other situations, you want your message to be spread over several days.

  • Yes, this is really important for me.  It's mad to assume that every social network requires the same number of autoscheduled post on every day of the week.  

    This clearly was suggested a long time ago with no news from Hootsuite.  I've since learned that Buffer have a better way of handling it.  I have about 8 months left on my subscription with Hootsuite, and if it's not sorted by then that's one less customer.  ๐Ÿ˜•
  • This should be a priority, for those of us managing several accounts it can be messy at times. Some do not need more than a few posts, however, some need more, and being able to st up a global autoschedule limit, or a different one for certain accounts is important.

    As an example, I need to schedule a messages in one account and it needs 7 posts a day, and then I have to change to another account that needs 4, and then go back to the one needing 7... it is frustrating having to click over and over to change the limit. I cannot add messages all at once, wish I could, it simply does not work that way with my clients.
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