Increase the Limit on Scheduled Posts for Free Accounts

HootSuite has recently implemented limits on scheduled posts for free accounts. Last night it stopped me at 10 posts, but I have seen tweets from others that they were stopped at 20. I personally think any limit on scheduled posts for free accounts is a bad idea, as it encourages people to switch to one of HootSuite's competitors for their scheduling needs. I then think the limits should be done away entirely. If for some reason that is not possible, then the limit should be raised from 10 to something more reasonable. I think 20 scheduled posts would be a good limit, although from others' tweets it might be better to go even higher than that.
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  • Agreed. VERY unhappy with this change.
  • Who are the competitors?

  • I fully agree. I have been using for almost a year with no limits. Now, literally out of nowhere, they stop me at 10 scheduled posts? That's not even a realistic number. And then the next level you get 500 posts for $19? That's quite a jump. I could see $5 per month, but remove your branding from my posts too. Every FB post says posted by hootsuite. With over 40,000 fans, they're getting quite a bit of free advertising. Way to get a client hooked on your product and then BAM, hit them with the price.
    I would love to hear who the competitors are. Will definitely be checking them out.
  • Already switched to a competitor since the change. Although I prefer the Hootsuite platform, as an individual trying to connect a community I don't have the budget to account for this change.

    I would think more scheduling which means more exposure ("posted by hootsuite") would be a good thing?
  • I agree that if a limit has to be imposed, it should be higher.  I just encountered the limit today, and I only have 4 messages scheduled, but as they are across 3 platforms, I think it means that counts as 12... 

    My feedback is also that this is very offputting and not good - as the free account allows 3 networks to be linked, if there has to be a scheduling limit, it should at least be a multiple of 3, and it should be a multiple of 7 so that at least one post per day can be set.

    I am also not happy that I was not notified that I would be involved in this test, as I only have a limited amount of time to do my scheduling, and this is hassle I didn't need today...

    That is a massive jump proposed, from free for 10 posts to $19 for 500 posts, as all I want to do is 21 posts...
  • Very unhappy and will have to find another service that offers more than 10 post on a free account. I have been using Hootsuite for all 7 of my clients for years. Most client have MORE than 10 post a week but not more that 21 post a week. The cheapest plan you offer is too high for these small businesses. 

  • Absolutely agree. I now have to switch to the competition for myself and explain to unhappy clients that they can no longer use Hootsuite the way I set it up for them. I will switch them too, which is a shame because some of them were considering upgrading to a paying plan. No longer with Hootsuite. IFTTT is a good option for those who definitely want a free solution. Buffer's smallest plan is half of Hootsuite's for those looking for a cheaper upgrade.
  • Very unhappy with this change. It was not announced, and caught me off guard as I was scheduling posts. I use the free plan to schedule one post per day for a Facebook group. Can't schedule more than 30 at a time? Hate to switch to a competitor, but will have to do so unless this is taken care of. 
  • Why should I find this out in the midst of scheduling this weekend. I feel very abuse nd disrespected. I had only I post pre-scheduled when I started and was stoped after just scheduling 5 posts. The note said I reached my limit of 20. How could that be? I am furious about the poor way this transition was handled! If I get 20 pre-scheduled posts then at least let me have the 20. This is infuriating and negatively impacting my business. 
  • I'm having the same issue. I manage two work accounts using the Free version of Hootsuite and I recently noticed I've been hitting the limit with my usual amount of scheduled posts. Also, it seems like one of my accounts has a limit set at 20 (although I currently have 23 posts scheduled) and the other account has a limit of 30. Not very happy with this unannounced change. As other mentioned, the plans offered are not realistic for smaller companies and non-profits. I contacted Customer Support (who seemed to not want to admit that this was a recent change) and they suggested I leave feedback here. They also stated that the "good news" is that I'll be able to schedule more posts as my currently schedule ones go live. Anyone have any good recommendations for other platforms if this change isn't removed? 
  • Limiting the free accounts to only 10 posts is EXTREMELY inconvenient. I understand the limiting of the number of social media accounts but the post limit is really upsetting. I can't even Schedule a full week of posts across 3 platforms. I will be looking for another service to use because of this. I hope Hootsuite will consider changing it back.
  • Agreed with everyone else's comments. Very unhappy with this change
  • Agree with the comments above. This is really poor from hootsuite, especially with no warning! Please increase the limit to say no more than 10 per day per platform!
  • Wow - didn't experience this until last night. This dramatically reduces the value of Hootsuite for me. I can see why you might want to put a cap on posts, but 10 may be way, way too few—and I'm not sure that's even working right. It seems like I just posted under 5 updates and it blocked me from doing more. Is it 10 per platform, or 10 total of any kind? I'll check out the upgrade packages, but still. Hootsuite's convenient, but I'm not sure it's convenient enough with this kind of limit. 
  • Very unhappy with this. I use Hootsuite for scheduling all the time and have just been stopped at 10 messages without any prior warning. I've used Hootsuite for years but am going to have to look at the competitors if this isn't changed back
  • This is going to impact my biz in a very negative way. I schedule my clients messages, per their request, far in advance and this new plan is going to create many headaches for me in the future. Actually, it already has. When I posted for a client yesterday, I got about 5 posts in and it gave me the warning that I'd met my 10 limit.  Not only are you messing with small biz owners, you're doing it badly.  I've been using Hootsuite for 4 or 5 years with minimal issues. Please change this new policy back so that I don't have to move all of my clients, including the Pro plans, to another dashboard. If you must implement this 'new' plan, at least let the existing folks be grandfathered in to the old way. 
  • Do they not get free advertising by adding the Hootsuite brand name to everything I post? Now they make an arbitrary change like this without notifying anyone? It wouldn't have been so bad if they had set a reasonable limit and gave everyone decent enough advance notice. This is ridiculous. If anyone has any suggestions about a similar competitor, I'm all ears.
  • I use Hootsuite to schedule posts for my business during the week. I usually need more than 10 posts, as I have a day job without access to the computer...or I'm scheduling the posts over the weekend or vacation. 

    This switch came out of the blue and really is upsetting. I don't think I can afford the 20/month cost...and I do not think it was fair to pull this out of the blue. I'll be looking for a new scheduler if this does not revert back. 
  • I haven't been on Hoot for that long. Imagine not telling anyone you were going to limit how they conduct their business. That is inexcusable. I am a small business struggling to make the most of my time and creativity to land customers. You just limited that ability by  unilaterally slapping a limit of my posts. I typically post twice a day, once on Twitter and FB. And now? I can't do what I need to do to reach my audiences. Your posts all say "Posted by Hootsuite" and you can't find that massive exposure you have on various platforms to be valuable?  Small businesses can't just fork over the $19 bucks a month you suddenly want for 500 posts...that does not even give a person the ability to post two tweets a'd need 730 posts to make two a  day for a year. Really people - what are you thinking? I am actively now looking for another platform that understands what it is like scrabbling to make ends meet and not slam the door in a person's face by limiting their ability to attract customers. 
  • Jumping in to add my voice to the discontentment! I'm a freelance social media manager and have introduced Hootsuite as the go-to tool for all my clients for years, and this sudden limit on 10 posts for a free account is far, FAR too low. Please, Hootsuite, reconsider the scheduling limits! Especially as the cost of the pro plan has suddenly jumped from around £10 to £16 per month in the UK, this is a real stretch for many small, new businesses who rely on an active social media presence for exposure. 
  • I'll add my 2-cents. I've used Hootsuite for years and used both paid and free. Right now, free is the best option for my company. I wasn't among those who were restricted, but it was still enough to push me to look at competitors. The lack of communication is unprofessional nor was the change planned out.

    The customer service team also hasn't adequately explained the issues online! Interestingly enough, when Hootsuite reached 10,000,000 users, it wrote in a blog: "Whether you were one of our first 100 users or you just signed up this week, you have had an impact in the development of Hootsuite, and for that we’d like to say thanks."

    It's obvious that Hootsuite does NOT value its users. If we did, there would have been a better attempt to reach out to users to understand why the free plan is attractive and what they would be willing to pay AND how they would want to pay. Suddenly enacting posting limitations on a fraction of free users is poor business strategy and is only one aspect of the issue. The next upgrade options are $19/month paid annually (upfront charge: $228) or $99/month paid annually (upfront charge $1,188). I can promise you, Hootsuite, if I don't have a budget for social media scheduling, I'm not suddenly going to be able to pay $200+ to upgrade! I'm simply going to look for another option. 

    How many users have to leave before Hootsuite realizes its mistake? Hootsuite, here's the feedback you so desired: either rethink or increase the posting limitation (give us a heads up though) OR re-evaluate your pricing. 
  • I really like hootsuite but the message limit has really frustrated me. I post on social media for my hobby so I don't have the money to pay nearly $20/mth to enable me to schedule more of my pics in advance (which I usually do) so I am now looking for an alternative site to use
  • This really stinks. I volunteer for a church. That's one social media acct and I use it once a month and schedule 70 messages. Now I have to find a new tool. Won't be recommending hootsuite anymore. Don't be signing up for a premium acct for my biz either. 
  • So extremely frustrated with this change.  As many have indicated, I do not recall receiving any notification about this change, nor do I agree with it.  10 posts, really?  Let's be a little more realistic about the situation.  I'm glad I now have to add yet another item on my to-do list:  determine a different platform to use outside of Hootsuite.  Awesome.
  • Also extremely frustrated.  I have a 20 post limit which is ridiculous for my needs.  Like many here I also do bulk scheduling - in my case once a week for the whole week.  I also do not have the budget to pay $19 a month.  Very disappointed with Hootsuite's attitude on this, and failure to notify impacted users.  Sadly now looking for alternatives
  • This is an incredibly frustrating and disappointing change. We use Hootsuite for a number of clients, often starting with the free accounts and recommending the upgrade over time as needed.  We have been incredibly loyal to Hootsuite, recommending it to all of our clients, but with this change, won't be able to any longer. No notice of the change and no option or support to up the limit by even 10. It makes our day to day job as an agency harder. We'll be looking at alternatives for all of our current paid and free accounts and will have to stop recommending Hootsuite as the right solution for every client moving forward. 

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    Agree with previous comments. We've been working with them for years.  Now looking at other tools. Poor decision on their part...prob going to lose a lot of impressions!  :/ :(
  • I've just been on my hootsuite account today and initially it was restricted me to 10 post x 3 social media streams I post to - but with only 6 posts left, I tried to add one more post and it said I've reached the max of 10 (I have 6 posts x 3 social media streams currently scheduled) - has something changed AGAIN and now its only 10 IN TOTAL, ie 3 posts x 3 social media streams, plus 1?  Anyone know of any alternatives I could try, only one I know of is buffer but if doesn't allow @mentions for insta/facebook, only for twitter so requires modifying the post after they have gone live.
  • Just adding the voice of another client who is very unhappy with the change! I manage social media for a non-profit. While we do plenty of post scheduling to require more than 10 scheduled posts, we're not bringing in any money (or very little) from social media like a business account would, which would help us pay for a premium account. I have been extremely satisfied with Hootsuite up to this point and have recommended it to others, but that will definitely change if they keep this 10-post limit.
  • Adding my voice as well. I use Hootsuite for two different non-profit groups and cannot justify paying for an upgraded account, even with the non-profit discount. I can understand the need to make a profit but the leap from 10 to 500 scheduled posts for $19 per month leaves a lot of room for intermediate plans. 10 scheduled posts is also a very low limit that would not have been enough to convince me of the value of Hootsuite when I first started testing out the program- a limit of at least 30 that would allow for scheduling for a full week during a busy period or a few weeks for a slow time for my organizations and would be a very convincing introduction to the uses of the program.
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