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Would be great to be able to preview and plan instagram grid. Where you can preview the grid, arrange images and schedule accordingly. and some other have this feature 
Thank you
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  • totally agree! its such a visual platform, its essential for planning. 
  • YES! All other Instagram scheduling apps offer this. Hootsuite is in the dark ages when it comes to Instagram posting. I would rather integrate the Tailwind app like you can do with Pinterest than deal with Hootsuites Instagram scheduler. This is one of our major issues that may be leading us to switch SMM platforms after 5 years of using Hootsuite. Other platforms like Tailwind, Unum, Later and Sendible work a million times better. Later even has a photo library that manages what you posted what you haven't used and lets you categorize, filter and leave detailed notes on your imagery which is very important for visual social media scheduling like Pinterest and Instagram. When will Hootsuite catch up with the competition? ~ Mandi
  • Was a solution for this ever created? I'm trialing Hootsuite right now and can't figure out how to preview the grid.. must-have functionality
  • I 100% agree! This is the ONLY thing missing. It's such a shame that it's not available when there are free apps out there like UNUM and Planoly that do it exceptionally well.
  • YES! please :-)
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