New 30 post rule

We are a small charity in Canada and have been using Hootsuite for years and this new rule pf only posting 30 posts has caused us trouble. We are a team of 2. When we have summer interns we have them schedule lots of content for the year. With the 30 posts this will cripple us. We do not have the budget for 19$ US a month. 
The lack of communication in placing this new feature is very troubling for us. We will have to go look for another content manager. 
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  • We are in the same boat. 10 posts x 3 is a nuisance! I can see minimizing to 30X per social media platform. Thanks for chopping us off at the knees HooteSuite! As a small business we can't afford the upgraded fees for the little extras that we won't use. At this time, we will need to look for other sharing platforms. Let us know when you widen your new rule of 30 posts to at least 30 posts per social media account.
  • I like the idea of 30 posts/social media account but how about another option?  Your upgrade to unlimited is out of budget but what about something like 50/social media feed (3*50=150 total) for $5/month?  Or $50/year?  I could afford and would pay so you would continue use, users who speak of your product and income from a low need group?  
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