Instagram Carousel Scheduling

When will it be possible to schedule and send posts using Hootsuite for more than one Instagram photo at a time (their carousel feature)? As of now its very inconvenient to have to do manually. 

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  • I know this feature is pretty recent on instagram, but when you schedule through hootsuite it shows the multi-image post in exactly the way they would look if you do a multi- image post on instagram, so I was scrambling to find why I couldn't make it work. it would be a great feature to develop, maybe a warning in the composer so it doesn't seem like its a bug?

  • Vote vote vote I really want this feature
  • This is of high importance - be great if it could be priortised
  • yes please! this is a top priority / blocker scenario
  • Please Add THIS ASAP!
  • Please add! #1 feature to improve my social media workflow.
  • Seconded!!!  This would be an excellent feature. 
  • Yes, VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!  Please add this feature.  I'll be forever indebted. Thanks so much! 
  • Absolutely, we need this ASAP!!
  • Its ridiculous that you can go through the whole process without it telling you that you cannot indeed post what you are creating.  I had to have a whole chat session with the help desk (45 min of my time) just to learn my post is not working because of multiple photos.   This should be a feature we can use on Hootsuite.  The whole point is to control social media all in one place and now I have to go find another app just do to this one thing.  Very frustrating.
  • I signed up for hootsuite today and went to schedule my post that contained multiple photos only to learn that the first photo is the only one that would be published. If I  can't post in the way I want to I'm not going to use your platform because it is not compatible with my needs. I'm now going to cancel my subscription since I can't use this program in the way I need to for my business. I imagine I'm not the first person to do this. You're losing business. You need to get with the program Hootsuite, this seems like a pretty simple feature to add.
  • Please add my vote to add the 'multiple photo' posts to Instagram. I agree with 'oneingredientco' - this is an item you are losing business on.
  • I have my posts set up for instagram, But they only show on my other social feeds and not instagram. what am I doing wrong?
  • VOTING YES!! ASAP please. Hating leveraging partners' content and being unable to fully repost their "carouseled" post. Please PRIORITZE!
  • Adding my vote! Please add this feature to Hootesuite.
  • Adding my vote - please make this happen,  I hate using another program just for the carousel option
  • Yes please! And not just IG, multiple image album post on facebook with same post would be amazing. Right now if I pick two images, IG doesn't work and facebook does two separate posts with each image! Thanks!
  • I would love to have this feature, too.

  • Please make this happen!
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