Automated Instagram Posts

Come on guys, how many times do we have to ask for this development, seriously??
Number one on the to do list for 2017!!!

I still have to manually share every single Instagram Post for every client, several times a day, every single day! Other platforms now offer this capacity, I suggest you keep up!

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  • Instagram's TOS/TOU prohibit what you're asking for, as I understand it. I think all that the other platforms are doing is sending you a reminder to post. 
  • Wrong, there are several providers offering automated posts to instagram, however they do not support other networks, only support for instagram.
    Check Schedulegram and Onlypult, two softwares that offer completely automated posts for instagram. I am now using Onlypult in conjunction with Hootsuite, Will not be renewing my Hootsuite subscription without this feature enabled.
  • Yes please!!  We are forced to consider alternatives to Hootsuite as well given this limitation.
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