Schedule Twitter Retweets or Quotes

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It would be very useful to have the possibility to share retweets at certain times via the scheduling feature..
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  • It would be great to be able to schedule a tweet when selecting retweet or quote.  This way all the content is not in a block.
    Thank you
  • That would be very useful for me, too
  • This is something I am able to do in Buffer, and it's disappointing that Hootsuite doesn't offer the feature. Hoping to see this rolled out soon!
  • Agreed, this feature is essential to me. I'm currently trialing different platforms, and will select one that allows this.

  • Technically scheduling Retweets is already a feature but it simply posts the original tweets text with 'RT' in front of it... Not a real Retweet schedule, I spoke to support and they said Twitter doesn't allow scheduling of Tweets... However both '' (aweful don't use) and 'Buffer' can do this.

    I suggest a technical work-around for Hootsuite to implement this feature soon. They can take the real retweet schedule request from the user (us) and store it in a queue on their servers (maybe a cron job?), and then when the time comes it can be 'posted' to Twitter live, therefore getting a real retweet scheduled for the user like Hootsuite competition can do.

    Hootsuite is great but is falling behind the competition and will soon start to see users leaving on mass for other more feature driven services, a UI update would be nice too! :smile:

    also, there is an identical feedback request with a couple of upvotes that should be merged with this request to gather the votes together.
  • I'm still having a hard time believing this feature doesn't exist. I shouldn't have to use Buffer to supplement my paid Hootsuite subscription! Nobody uses manual non-native RTs anymore, and nobody wants to do their webstyle RTs in real-time. I'm really disappointed.
  • I would like to see this feature also. Real retweets that can be scheduled rather than a makeshift retweet that says "RT". If others like Buffer can do it, Hootsuite needs to add it.
  • This is ridiculous. This feature has been requested of Hootsuite in various ways since Twitter introduced the new retweet function. It makes Hootsuite pretty much worthless for my Twitter feed.
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