Add customizable plans or additional plans

I feel like the price gap between the Professional and Team Plan is too high. I feel there should be a way to customize plans based on user needs. Right now it makes more sense for me financially to create a 2nd Hootsuite account to add 10 more profiles, than it does to upgrade to Team to get those 10 profiles. I understand Team comes with added feature but not every user needs all the features in Team and are just looking for extra profiles.

So I propose either customizable plans or have each plan have its own subset of plans


Professional: 10 profiles, 20 Profiles, 30 Profiles, Etc

Team: 10 profiles, 20 Profiles, 30 Profiles, Etc

Business: 10 profiles, 20 Profiles, 30 Profiles, Etc

This will give users more flexibility and options so they can better make use of your services. This, in my opinion, will also add revenue to Hootsuite because users will more likely to upgrade if more options are given that better suit their needs.

Thank you for your consideration.
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  • Yes! For us smaller companies, the cost difference between the 2 levels ($20-$99)is too great. I am going to have to migrate some of my social networks onto a different service to keep the cost contained.
  • Totally agree.  To double the number of accounts you can manage, means you have to pay 5 times more on your subscription.  It makes no sense.  I was contemplating buying a second Professional account, but flicking between them is a hassle, particularly in the mobile app, so sadly it makes more sense to find an alternative provider with a more reasonable pricing structure. 
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