Twitter AND Facebook tagging in a single post + Twitter/Facebook account linking

I often create a post that I want to send out to both Twitter and Facebook. I want usually want to tag/mention another Twitter account AND Facebook page. Hootsuite already allows you to tag Twitter and Facebook accounts like here:

The problem is,
- If I tag a Twitter account, it will post the plain Twitter name to Facebook
- If I tag a Facebook page, it will post the plain Facebook name to Twitter

So with the post from the above screenshot you get a double mention on either channel:
On Facebook:

And on Twitter:

To get around this I now need to post it to just twitter and then copy&paste&retag for Facebook, or schedule ahead to both networks and then edit one of them.

I'd like to see an option that Hootsuite does not post the Twitter name to Facebook or Facebook name to Twitter. Maybe have a checkbox per tag/mention where you can indicate how it should be posted.

Also, I'd like to see an option where you can link Twitter and Facebook accounts. In the above screen shots it's the Twitter and Facebook account from the exact same organisation. When I post something like that, I don't want having to search for the Twitter and Facebook handle separately every time I want to mention the same organisation. I want to be able to link them only once, so next time when I tag/mention that organisation Hootsuite will know how to post it to each channel. Side note: I curate a lot of articles of about a dozen companies so I want to tag/mention them when I post their stuff, and that happens over and over again.

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  • Agreed. The tagging is one of the most poorly designed products in Hootsuite. I would love a way to simply disable it.
  • @igobyterry NO not disable it, because then you don't have any tagging at all.

    If you don't want tagging, then please post your own idea.
    If you like my idea, then please upvote so it gets more attention...

  • Hi, Is tagging products in a scheduled post on the horizon for Hootsuite? I always need to go in manually to tag a product in our posts, after it was posted.
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