Add posts (and schedule) to Google My Business

Google My Business is a great geolocation tool for businesses that allows, from now on, to publish images with customizable button. Thanks to this, it is possible to increase the SEO to boost the local businesses.

It is a great opportunity for Hootsuite to provide the necesary tool to schedule publications with customizable button in Google My Business
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  • Completely support this. Ever since this launch of Google My Business posts, it's clear that we need to be able to connect to the My Business page, which - although linked to the Google+ brand page - is currently not accessible through Hootsuite (but should be)
  • This should be priority one for Hootsuite! Like it or not, Google is the first choice for the majority of the public when searching for information. The GMB posts are featured on maps, searches, etc. and improve page rankings. It is imperative that we integrate this in our online presence. If Hootsuite wants to remain our primary vehicle for managing online presence, this is a function that will be a requirement. Please hurry!
  • This change from Google is HUGE. Everyone wants more info to show in Google search results... I'm currently posting to it manually, and will likely be looking for a tool that can schedule to this area for Google too if I don't hear news from Hootsuite soon. 
  • What I've been doing is using Instagram updates as my guide/assist. Long story, but if it's a post with a link (doesn't work on Instagram), I post it directly on Google My Business. If it’s a short update without a link (so it works well with Instagram), I just use it on My Business. The copy is already in the buffer,  so after I use Hootsuite to post the Instagram update, I create the My Business update (download the My Business app, obviously). The Instagram picture is saved in my Gallery after uploading to Instagram, so I just upload it to My Business, paste the copy in, and then put my home page in for "Learn More." Works well if you post to Instagram.
  • Yes, please look into integrating "google my business".   You already offer Google+ so it should not be a problem. For businesses, keeping active on Google is extremely important.
  • I support having an integrated Google My Business tab into Hootsuite.
    I make art and share. My art is conceptual in nature and spans a variety of media from the traditional to the cutting edge. I employ an iterative process honed by experience in research, athletics, and art to present complex ideas in compelling ways.
  • I agree.  This is a needed addition to Hootsuite ASAP! Please consider!
  • 100% PLEASE!!
  • I would love to have this feature, would save so much time! 
  • This would be a great addition to Hootsuite! 
  • I can confirm Google released Google My Business Posts API!
    Merlinox aka Riccardo Mares
    Digital Manager, SEO, HootAmb, #AsicsFrontRunnerItaly
  • It's ridiculous this hasn't been added yet!
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    Looks like Yext is the first one to offer it.

    And yes... this is for Google MY BUSINESS Posts. Not Google+.

  • Hootsuite, are you still here?
    Merlinox aka Riccardo Mares
    Digital Manager, SEO, HootAmb, #AsicsFrontRunnerItaly
  • I definitely agree with this, Google My Business needs to be added to Hootsuite!!!
  • Hootsuite needs to step up and get this done
  • This would be really helpful. As a paid user I expected that Hootsuite would include functionality to post to google. 
  • I need this feature.
  • Doesn't make much sense that this hasn't been added. Other platforms offer this posting service. Can we please get an eta. Given the power of a google post I will have to consider switching if something isn't imminent.
  • Yes please. we need it!
  • Came here to find HOW to post to GoogleMyBusiness - you can not yet !?!?
    let's go! we need it - not optional. How about tomorrow?
  • Hi do you have some news about?
    Merlinox aka Riccardo Mares
    Digital Manager, SEO, HootAmb, #AsicsFrontRunnerItaly
  • A deal breaker for us as google is always nagging us to update our Business page. If Hootsuite can't do this, we'll cancel the service.
  • We know you to be more on top of it than this, Hootsuite. We're all in for this implementation!
  • I just want to support all the requests for Google My Business implementation. 
  • Any news on when Google My Business will be added? I cannot believe it hasn't already been implemented! I seriously may have to consider leaving HootSuite and I've been using them for 5+ years now!!
  • Google seems to be really pushing this service for Google My Business and it makes a huge difference for LOCAL marketing. I would love to be able to schedule and plan using Hootsuite. Definitely do this!
  • It is now possible to schedule Posts to Google My Business using Sendible:
  • Google Business has become one of our primary social outlets. I would say this is top of the most wanted list for us!! 
  • its no fun if the homies cant get none
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