Add GAB.AI as a Social Network

Would highly suggest adding functionality to this new, and soon to be huge social media platform.
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    I second that.  Joined several weeks back and it functions quite well.  Believe it would prove a worthwhile asset to HootSuite.
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    ...still waiting. :) (and I hope by voting +1 on 'unplanned, that means it will be moving to 'planned'). is hot, and not going away - it's in your best interest to move this to 'planned', imo.
  • IDK what the holdup is, but you guys are missing out on a golden opportunity. Is the resistance based on being a no-censorship, conservative-leaning platform?.... Gab.AI is -NOT- going away!!
  • I would also like this. 

    But Deez, you have to give them more time than that. There's a lot involved. Going from a single customer request in December to release in February is not realistic. I doubt it's political.
  • Come on, HootSuite.  It's April.  Get on the ball.
  • Add my voice to the mix. would be a nice addition.
  • January 2018...still no Please add GAB! I will pay extra! Great otherwise. 
  • Gab and MeWe, please. :smile:
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