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Please can you update Hootsuite Publisher so we can create, schedule, and re-share Instagram's (not so new now) multi-image posts.
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Thanks for your ideas, everyone. At this time, multi-image upload is not available via Instagram's API, so we are limited to only being able to upload one image.



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    Instagram now allows multiple images in which you can scroll. Can you add this feature.
  • Please add the ability for Hootsuite to add multiple videos and pictures to a single Instagram post. This is a new updated ability within Instagram. 
  • Agreed! Ability to schedule multiple images for instagram the same way you can with Facebook would work well with new gallery feature!
  • Would definitely be a great bonus to have multiple images - if possible a combination of video and images as part of the upload too? Atm am uploading the first to Hootsuite, then dropping the rest in Google docs. don't do it often so not too bad, but this would be a great help. 
  • Yes! A major benefit of Hootsuite is not having to store Instagram content on a phone. With the new feature, I am back to storing multiple photos on my phone because Hootsuite has not updated to post multiple photos in a single post. Please, please stay up to date! Hootsuite is expensive; If it is not updated with new features it does not offer the benefits that we pay for.
  • I agree! I'm having to switch back to just using Instagram to use their slideshow feature because Hootsuite doesn't allow me to post multiple images. I'm starting to wonder why we should keep paying to use Hootsuite if it's not keeping up with the new technologies.
  • I agree. I would like to be able to use this new IG feature, but it's not convenient if I can't do it from the Hootsuite dash. Are you working on this feature? What is ETA?
  • Yeah this will cut the truble
  • Instagram recently added a feature that allows users to share multiple images in one post. Will this feature be available in Hootsuite soon? We want to continue to use Hootsuite, but it is a pain to have to upload multiple photos manually since this feature is currently unavailable. 
  • Can we PLEASE get support to schedule multiple photos in an instagram gallery?! 
  • AGREED! please add this feature! 
  • Yes, please add this feature as I could really do with it:-)


  • Please!!! It would be great if I could schedule multiple photos in one Instagram slideshow post via Hootsuite. 
  • Yes please add this feature!
  • This feature would be a mighty help!
  • This is a needed feature asap! It would save us that are making a living on social media marketing a great amount of time and avoid us from looking at other platforms that can do it!
  • Please Please add this feature! 
  • Yes please add this feature!
  • Come on, still unplanned?? One of the reasons i decided to try Hootsuite was because the IG UI in Hootsuite *made me believe* i could upload multiple pix. Why have the ability to upload but not to post, that's very confusing and i thought i was broken!!
  • When will it be possible to schedule and send posts using Hootsuite for more than one Instagram photo at a time (their carousel feature)? As of now its very inconvenient to have to do manually. 

  • Please add this feature! The reason I wanted Hootsuite was so I could use Instagram on my desktop Mac, accessing all the photos from there instead of my phone.
  • YES, I CONCUR. I REALLY NEED to post several photos to IG please, through my hootsuite account. thanks
  • Yes, please! Add this functionality.
  • Please add this feature otherwise posting via IG on HS is not suitable. Thanks! 
  • if you want to delete your hootsuite account, all the help lines tell you to press 'remove account' which is at the bottom account & settings- profile bit, if i press this does it cancel my payments as i have already put in my card details. Really need some to reply to this, email me or post a comment i just really need to know asap
  • This feature is way, way overdue and sorely needed!
  • I know this feature is pretty recent on instagram, but when you schedule through hootsuite it shows the multi-image post in exactly the way they would look if you do a multi- image post on instagram, so I was scrambling to find why I couldn't make it work. it would be a great feature to develop, maybe a warning in the composer so it doesn't seem like its a bug?

  • yes that would be helpful
  • It would be hugely beneficial to be able to post more than one photo on Hootsuite as opposed to manually loading them.
  • Agreed! Please make it possible to post multiple images on Instagram! I would also love it if there was a way to make it autopost so you don't have to go through the motions of actually putting the post up manually.
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