Custom Icons for Media Sites

The icons that HS creates to identify social media sites or streams are not very good. In our case we have six Facebook pages (newspapers) and each week the profile pix are changed to the front page of the paper. They look fine on FB but are terrible when pulled into HS.

It's really hard to differentiate them at a glance. Here, since there are six, I can tell I'm sending to all six FB pages. But what if I only wanted three or four?

I already have "button icons" we've used for different things and I'd like to be able to set each with its associated paper so I can tell at a glance what's in that bar up there.

Here is a quick Photoshop mockup - the original buttons are like 900x900 px and I squashed them down to 32x32 for the demo.

Now I can see really easily that I've picked a certain four papers.
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