campaign improvement ideas

  1. I uploaded an image 1800x450 as  your PDF says to use, the image was super blurry, specify in the header what the correct size should be for upload of header images
  2. Provide ability to change the background colour of the body where the entry buttons are
  3. I'm a paid subscriber dont force the hootsuite logo "Powered by HOOTSUITE  to appear at the button of my campaigns I'm advertising my business NOT hootsuite  Campaigns 
  4.  Allow for Terms and Condition to enter a URL link to point the to Terms and Conditions on my website.  It shows  URL as text its not a clickable hyperlink, so users have to copy/paste my Terms and Conditions URL link to a browser
  5. Add automatic notification so that the creator of the campaigns receives an email notification alerting them that the campaign has ended
  6. Search Google for Terms and Conditions suggestions is quite lazy, have your legal team create and provide some generic Terms and Conditions that your subscribers ONLY can use as a starting template to create a professional and legal binding Terms and Conditions

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