Tagging People in Photos on Twitter

Please include the capability of tagging people in images on Twitter. Without this, it forces me to go back to the Native Twitter platform constantly. I want to be able to schedule images in Hootsuite that tag the image. Doing so in the actual tweet uses too many characters,
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  • The problem is that Twitter has not shared this option via API. So we need to waiting for. 
  • Getting really frustrated that you can't tag Twitter photos/images on Hootsuite. Please, please, please can progress this...
  • Agreed, desperately need the ability to tag people in photos through Hootesuite. We end up dipping out the service and therefore missing useful analytics.
  • This is quite critical for managing targeted twitter campaigns.
  • Yes...how is that option not available yet? People have been suggesting it for years when I did a search. Tagging those 10 people really helps with visibility. Please let us know when this option is available, Hootsuite! 
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