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Please include the capability of tagging people in images on Twitter. Without this, it forces me to go back to the Native Twitter platform constantly. I want to be able to schedule images in Hootsuite that tag the image. Doing so in the actual tweet uses too many characters,
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This is a limitation of Twitter's API, so we are unable to implement it at this time.


  • The problem is that Twitter has not shared this option via API. So we need to waiting for. 
  • Getting really frustrated that you can't tag Twitter photos/images on Hootsuite. Please, please, please can progress this...
  • Agreed, desperately need the ability to tag people in photos through Hootesuite. We end up dipping out the service and therefore missing useful analytics.
  • This is quite critical for managing targeted twitter campaigns.
  • Yes...how is that option not available yet? People have been suggesting it for years when I did a search. Tagging those 10 people really helps with visibility. Please let us know when this option is available, Hootsuite! 
  • Definitely need this feature. I get tagged in a variety of image based tweets, and having to go onto my smartphone or log into the original twitter platform is a little convenient.  It's a shame that Twitter hasn't introduced this into the API tools yet!! 
  • Thanks for your feedback, everyone! The ability to tag photos is not currently available via Twitter's API, so we are unable to add it at this time. Should this change in the future, we will certainly investigate this option!

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    At my wits end unable to schedule tweets because you can't tag images. We get much better reach and greater likelihood of retweets by tagging in relevant parties to the image. At present I have to come up with a tweet, then add the text to a google calendar entry on the date and time I want to share it, then wait for the reminder to do it there and there! It's a huge time sucker. Twitter needs to sort it out! 
  • Sorry, also tagged notification are available only on twitter notification?
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  • So frustrating!
  • This is so frustrating! 
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