Image Descriptions

In March 2016, Twitter rolled out the capability to add descriptions to images in an attempt to improve accessibility for the visually impaired. As a government agency which strives for 508 compliance, we would appreciate the availability of Twitter image descriptions in Hootsuite.
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  • Please adapt the usability of Hootsuite to also enable users to add alt text for Twitter! Leaving users without this option puts many of us at risk for compliance.
  • Come on, Hootsuite! Our organization will have to stop using Hootsuite for Twitter posts if we cannot add alt text to images. Hootsuite is a good platform, but when it blocks our ability to do something that Twitter now has built-in, then non-usage will be the norm. Please add the Twitter image alt text feature urgently.

  • I was hoping to use Hootsuite to manage the social media output of the Audiogame Jam event I organise. It's a game jam to raise money for a charity in the UK that supports blind and visually impaired people and as such having image descriptions on our posts is very important. Please add it in as soon as possible.
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