Add an image compression tool

I lose the time I'm trying to save by using Hootsuite every time I have to leave your application to compress a full size photo down to below 5 mb or 3 mb for Twitter.  It would be great if photos I upload automatically compress to the appropriate size. 
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  • Agreed. This is a constant time waster.
  • Having to resize images for Hootsuite is an annoying waste of our time.
  • I agree.  A simple cropping or compressing tool would be a huge plus.
  • I agree with the others on this suggestion.   Have to manually resize images to be less than 3GB for Twitter sort of defeats the purpose of using Hootsuite to save time.
  • Yes! I take photos just on my phone and they are always too big for Hootsuite so I end up just using my phone to post them which defeats the whole purpose of having Hootsuite. 
  • Agreed. I can take a 3+mb image and post it on Twitter web version. Why not in Hootsuite. Complete time waster. 
  • This is a major issue why people stop using  HS. 
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