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share text button disappeared in version (Android)
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This is planned for the next release


  • If HS is going to move functions (share is no longer on bottom with RT but is available using the new menu under the down pointing triangle), HS needs to TELL us. We shouldn't need to explore the new interface to find old features.

    A grace way to do this move is widely used in web sites and apps. Offer a tour on first login to show us wgere your designers have hidden stuff.

    Your release process leaves a lot to be desired in a company that is mainly a communication tool.
  • I can't find any triangle..
  • Ha. I stand corrected. 

    When I tap on time since tweet, the tweet is opened in Twitter where I do have all the missing features.

    Sorry to have mislead you.
  • I don't get why this helpful feature was removed?? It seems like hootsuite is intentionally making the app WORSE as they steeamline it, losing critical functionality instead of adding more that it could stand to benefit from. If I'm going to be using a 3rd-party app instead of the primary source, I'd expect it to have MORE functionality, not less.
  • I agree. I was dumbfounded when support replied this feature was been intentionally removed.

    I guess it's time to intentionalyl take my money elsewhere and ask for a refund for the remaining months of my subscriotion.

    Here is part of the note they sent:
    "I'm the Product Liaison for the Hootsuite Customer Support Team. I'd just like to provide you with an update regarding the issue with the share icon no longer displaying in the Android app.

    Our mobile development team has advised us that this functionality was actually removed intentionally. This comes as part of a major update to the new streams in the mobile app, and we are continuing to add more functionality in the coming weeks"
  • Have to agree with the other comments already posted. It just seems odd, that social media being all about sharing, that Hootsuite would intentionally remove the "share" button? Then, to get to it, as another poster mentioned, one has to be redirected to the Twitter app? Well, then just use the Twitter app in the first place. As another poster mentioned, one would think, if you're going to use a 3rd party application, it would be more feature rich, better, but it seems with updates nowadays, the most useful features are incrementally removed. Why? It doesn't make sense. Hootsuite, bring the "share" connection button back, or we'll just keep using the Twitter app, and in time, completely forget about Hootsuite. It's up to you.
  • For me this has me looking for another client after years of recommending hootsuite to power users and companies. The workaround to share a tweet is going to the twitter site, wait for it to load and then click the triangle and get a copy of the url to then paste on slack, Hangouts or email. That makes using twitter web client a lot faster. I found myself not sharing stuff even for work purposes just because of how painful it's become.

    There's UI space for an options menu on the bottom of the tweet where the old functionality could be put.
  • Removing the copy functionality for my tweets means I am now looking for an alternative client.

    I send tweets promoting my forum, and being unable to take a copy of the text from previous tweets makes this task laborious, unless done outside of HS - its ridiculous.
  • For my part, I've been using Hootsuite for Android for the past few years now, and I've been very satisfied with the updates so far...
    ...Until the latest ones came in. 

    Since the update (and from today, the, I haven't been able to share tweets to other apps, like I used to do last month. I cannot copy links either, which drives me crazy, because it was a great feature, and a very convenient one.

    Alongside this issue, I've noticed other ones, such as:
    - quoting tweets: when I want to quote a tweet, it opens the original one, and not mine, which doesn't make sense.
    - the time when the tweet was posted: instead of saying "17:30 July 31st" for example, it says "2 hours ago", which doesn't help at all.
    - before the latest updates, there were colors in my newsfeed: yellow for my tweets, and green for the mentions. Since the updates, the colors are now gone (however, they do appear in the widget, at least for the tweets I send).
    - 4 steps just to retweet: this is too much and a waste of time. It should be one of 2 steps, that's all.

    It worked perfectly before the update. While I enjoy the new functionalities, I would like the app to be as convenient as it was. Adding new features is really good, but removing old ones is not. I hope the see the share text feature very soon, as well as a major update.
  • Hi all,

    Thanks for the detailed feedback and reaching out. We're working on the above issues and will have an update in the coming weeks which has "Sharing" re-enabled (in the new streams), crashes resolved for notifications, and quoted tweets displaying the correct tweet.

    Apologies for the inconvenience during the switch to these newly designed streams. They're part of a large project and we opted to let users test them early - before they had all the features of the old stream. In retrospect, perhaps we should have waited for the 'Share' button to be there first.

    Glad to hear you've all been long time users. Thanks again for the feedback - keep it coming here and on Twitter directed @HootsuiteMobile (product feedback) & @Hootsuite_Help (account and troubleshooting). 

    Hope these next few releases address your concerns, but keep the feedback coming so we can focus our efforts on the most impactful functionality.

    Lars (on behalf of the mobile team at Hootsuite)
  • Hello,

    I've just updated Hootsuite for Android (version and nothing has changed. I'm having the same issues than before (the ones I mentioned in my last post) and it's not convenient at all.

    Are you making small updates to save time and releasing the big one when all works well without no problem? I guess you're trying many options to solve every issue as I write...

    Thanks for keeping us updated :-)
  • That is the stupidest update strategy I've ever heard. I can't believe it.
  • Here's an idea... INTENTIONALLY put it back in.

    The app is next to worthless for our entire organization without the ability to share tweets.
  • Hello,

    The Hootsuite for Android app was updated yesterday (version, and the "share tweet with other apps" is back (it appears in the 3 dots option, on the right).
    However, the widget is now gone. Where did it go?

    Thanks in advance for keeping us updated!
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