Instagram Mention Stream

I would love to see an Instagram @Mention similar to Twitter and Facebook. It would be so helpful for our business accounts. 
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  • Agreed! PLEASE add this feature!
  • Agreed, this is how most customers engage with our brand and it's disappointing not to be able to see it in a stream. 
  • I 2nd, 3rd and 4th this. why why why has this not been implemented yet?
  • This should be a standard feature. For a program designed to monitor all social media activity in one place, it's a bit silly to have a key feature like this not available for Instagram when the API now exists. Please add this.
  • You can mention instagram users can't you? Or what are you asking?
  • An @mention stream for IG would definitely be used by our team!
  • Totally needed, a Facebook mentions stream is very much needed as well
  • Agreed - IG mentions is a major missing feature!
  • Would love to track Instagram mentions for our nonprofit organizations.  Please add!
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