Eliminate or expand the queue limit for bulk uploads

I would like to use Hootsuite for all of my social media bulk scheduling. But the 350 message limit is preventing me from doing so. Because of this, I'm forced to subscribe to one of your competitor's services (Buffer) to supplement Hootsuite. This has become financially unsustainable for my small business.

Given that Buffer has no limit on the number of queued messages at my present subscription level, I'm strongly considering canceling my Hootsuite subscription and refactoring my export lists to run entirely through Buffer.

However, I would like to stay. Is there any plan to increase the 350 message bulk upload limit in the near future? It's simply not an efficient use of my or my staff's time to manually enter another 100 messages after I've hit the 350 message limit.



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  • I am in the same position. Our family run 3 small businesses. We have social media accounts for each business. The 350 limit is pointless and must be removed. Also, the cost of having more several profiles is very high for small companies like ours. One of the best things about social media is that small businesses are able to make their voices heard amongst the noise of the larger corporates. But this is limited by some of Hootsuites rules. Please change - thank you
  • Why are you doing this to me? the bulk composer is such a great idea - you should pay the developer double for this great idea, but who in the world had the idea to limit the number of messages to plan? There cant be no limit - sky is the limit...never heard of this. Please Mister Hootsuite: Think about it! We will include you in our prayers to extend the number of bulk composer uploads , SIr
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